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Week of August 21, 2006


 Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo!










...But Not Gone. 



Miss Out!























This entrepreneur-showcase event and community fundraiser is purposed to promote small, family-owned, home-based, start-up, and even youth businesses; giving customers an early start an great holiday shopping, while benefiting The Chattanooga Community Kitchen in support of our community. 

Sisters In Business is also proud to announce Scenic City Women's Network  and Woman's Way as its two newest Sponsors, and promoters of our 1st Annual "Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo 2006" in Chattanooga, TN on November 4.

Vendors' response to this event has been excellent, coming out of various cities! Booths have been reserved for business names such as Warm Spirit, Cookie Lee Jewelry, CA Botana and Inner Glow Skin Care Services, Cello-In-A-Box and Smoky Mountain Create-A-Critter, Azianna Gabrielle, Merrill Lynch, and other home-based, small and family-owned businesses.  Stay tuned for more vendor promotions, with their products services, and fabulous list of door prizes.

Don't miss out!  This is a wonderful opportunity to promote your business, sell your products and services, and develop new contacts and relationship through networking.  Click here to Register and reserve your booth now.  

For more information about this and other Sisters In Business Supported Events, please visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net, or all 423.421.5646.

Click here to Register!

To find this and other Sisters In Business supported events, please click here or visit our website at www.sistersinbusiness.net.


Do You Like What You See?

by Tekelia C. Kelly

Thanks Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville and EVERY READER who has made our Sisters In Business Online Newsletter a well read publication!  It appears that you like what you see!

According to the statistical reports provided by our Email Marketing Service the comparative metrics for the Sisters In Business Online Newsletters are impressive.  The report provides industry standard ratings, which it indicates should be used to "Compare to other sites...".  Two of the ratings highlighted in the report are "OPEN %" and "CLICK-THROUGH %" both defined below.


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The industry standard  for "Open %"  is 37%, while the "Click-through" standard is 8.9%For the past seven email campaigns which were online newsletters, Sisters In Business  has an Average Open  rate of 39.2% and Average Click-Through rate of 21.8%.  (See Table 1 below.)  Links to special interest topics also received good ratings.

Total Open % Total Click-Through %
Sisters In Business 39.2% 21.8%
Compare to other sites...

Industry Standard

37.0% 8.9%

Table. 1.  Sisters In Business Online Newsletter Statistical Report

Please feel free to share with us your suggestions, comments, and any ideas you might have for making the newsletter even better.  We would be very interested in hearing about your business needs and interests. 

Thank you so much to the many "real people" letting us know how much you enjoy receiving and reading the newsletters.  The numbers are great, but there's nothing like hearing a real person with a personal testimony.  It's wonderful to hear each one!   

When it comes to business I personally know how email can get in the way when it is not coming at the right time or to the right place.  Therefore, please choose to "UNSUBSCRIBE" using the option provided, should you need to discontinue receiving the newsletters.

As always, your feedback is welcome, and we love communicating with you. And so  our clients, advertisers, partners, and sponsors!

Over 75% People Use the Internet...

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Sisters In Business is known for its quick, affordable, and professional business solutions offered to clients, partners, and the community.  We provide effective business advertising and event campaigns, with our entire business strategy built on networking advertising, marketing, and empowering those we serve. 

Using our dynamic website, Online Newsletters, along with out wide area network and reach with a reach potential of over 75,000 people, we can assure visibility, networkability, and marketability.  Our marketing measurement tools help us to know this, with metrics showing our subscriber viewer rates above industry standards.  For more information about our Business and Event Promotional Services, please call 423.421.5646.


  See Our SIB Business Clients Directory



Find the Business or Service You Need In SIB Business Network

Look for doctors, accountants, aestheticians, real estate agent, caterer, florist, and many other fine women-owned businesses in our network at www.sistersinbusiness.net.  Needing a business or service?  Find the service provider you need at Sisters In Business. 

Click here to search for our business clients, partners, and their services, using our   Business Directory and Service Links


Sisters In Business works to promote, propel, and prosper those in/related to its network. 

Thank you for supporting women-owned and small businesses in your community.


Sisters In Business Client Advertisements

The Floral Gallery

Mary Williams, Owner


Brighten up your room or any decor with the special floral designs from The Floral Gallery, owner Mrs. Mary Williams.

Specials for the month of August include Assorted Mixed Dish Gardens 8" Assorted Containers for $25.00.  Also 10% discount on all other orders through September.  Visit your "sister in business" Mrs. Mary William at the Floral Gallery "for all your floral needs".

1524 Dodds Avenue 

Chattanooga, TN  37406





My Store Page


"Flowers for your Floral Needs"




Inner Glow Skin Care At Heavenly Styles Salon-Waxing By Dorothea Johnetta Johnson, Owner

"Tired of unwanted hair on your body?  Inner Glow Skin Care at Heavenly Styles Salon and Day Spa has your answer.

Have your unwanted hair removed by waxing.
Waxing is a way to have hair removed from your body.  It last longer than shaving every week because and the hair is removed straight from your hair follicle. 
Inner Glow Skin Care  is available to remove unwanted hair by waxing it from your eyebrows, lips, chin, sides of face, underarms, legs and bikini area.
Call now to schedule your appointment and receive a free lip wax with a eyebrow and chin wax.  Offer expire August 31, 2006.
Inner Glow Skin Care at Heavenly Styles Salon and Day Spa
3475 Brainerd Road, Suite 1
Chattanooga, TN 37411
423-290-5023 or 423-629-9272
Dorothea C. Johnson
Licensed Aesthetician


Santa's Gifts R Us Vendors Needed (Knoxville)

August 31, 2006 (Deadline)

This year the 3rd Annual Santa's Gifts R Us is going to be GREAT! We only have a few more spaces left for any home base vendor with great holiday items to sell! I also received word that the man himself will make a guest appearance! That's right Santa Claus! So vendors if you haven't reserved your space give me a call TODAY at 678.398.2092! Coming soon more and exciting info about SGRU! MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28TH @ THE CANSLER YMCA (GYM) IN KNOXVILLE FROM 10-4PM. We have gotten Bigger to serve you Better!

Click here for Santa's Gifts R Us Vendor Info


Nia! Companies

Carolyn Miller, Owner


Carolyn Miller, Owner of Nia! Companies has added Arbonne International Swiss Skincare products to the growing line of natural, botanically-based self care and wellness products that she represents as an Independent Consultant!

 Nia! Companies has been representing Warm Spiritís luxurious body-pampering products for the past two years and is excited about the addition of Arbonne. The line includes premium skincare for men, women and teens, make-up, weight management, and nutritional supplements. Contact Carolyn at 423-902-2442 to learn more about Warm Spirit and Arbonne products! Also find more about Carolyn and the product lines she represents and at www.sistersinbusiness.net.









 Sadie Smith

Call Sadie Smith of Skin Balm, Inc. at 423.296.1655. or visit WWW.YOURSKINSHELPER.COM


  Sadie Smith
  Skin Balm, Inc.

Phone: 423-296-1655


  Rose of Sharon's Senior Villa

Sharon Kelly, Owner


Pearl White Gala (Update)   The performers for the Pearl White Gala will be Freddie Jackson and Meli'sa Morgan.  Also performing for the Gala portion of the event is Chattanooga's very own MaleMen Show Band.  22 Visionz Jazz Band will perform for the Pre-Gala.  Ticket prices remain as originally priced, and can be purchased online at www.sharonseniorservices.com







Click here for more information at www.sistersinbusiness.net.





SIB Network Business News



GO DBE TN CONTRACTS FOR WOMEN BUSINESS OWNERS.  (Governor's Office of Diversity Business Enterprise) Diversity Business Marketplace 2006, a  Procurement Conference is scheduled for September 21, 2006.  For more information please contact Chattanooga African American Chamber 535 Chestnut Street Suite 200, 423-265-0021.

Nautilus Awards for Women Entrepreneurs October 2006.  The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce presents The Chattanooga Nautilus Awards Celebrating Strength, Leadership & Courage in Women.  For more information visit the following website.







Girls Inc. Job Openings

Girls Inc. is expanding their programs and services to reach more girls, Girls Inc., and has several job openings.  They are actively recruiting full and part time staff who embrace our vision of better outcomes for girls in our community and share in our passion for inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.  Click here for more information about job openings.

SIB Training, Development, & Business Support Services

For more business development resource information on matters such as  business plans, finances, training and business savvy strategies, please visit our website at http://sistersinbusiness.net/BusinessSupt.htm.  


Advertise With Sisters In Business!  Attention Sponsors, Advertisers, and Partners.  Use our online and print newsletters, websites, and tradeshows as a great way to market and advertise current news and events, business services, employment ads, job bids, election campaigns, real estate, and more.  Call us today at 423.421.5646 or  click here.  Also you can visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net and click the Advertising button.



  Got Power?  


Get Empowered.

Gain Knowledge. Network.


At Sisters In Business "Lunch & Learn" Meeting, Aug 24, 2006 at The Cellar restaurant in the Tallan Building downtown.  Open to Public.

Come Meet and Greet!

Come Talk and Eat!

Hear a Brief Speech,

From an SME! (Subject Matter Expert)

Get Empowered!




The next Lunch & Learn Networking Meeting will be August 24, 2006 at The Tallan Cellar in the Tallan Building Downtown   Lunch will be available at a cost of $10.50 per person, and will begin 11:30 AM.  Click here visit the Cellar Restaurant which also makes available its menu daily. 


Nearby Day's Inn Rivergate has graciously allowed free parking for all luncheon attendees this day.


Marketing Minutes will be allowed for all SIB Clients and Partners. 


Please click here to see and stay abreast of meeting schedule. 


Got a  SME Special Interest Topic you'd like to be addressed?


Interested in being a SME at one of our meetings?


Email us at sistersinbusiness@comcast.net to find our more.

Mark Jones with Pre-Paid Legal Kick-off Subject Matter Expert Presentations at SIB Monthly Networking Meetings-August 24, 2006

Identity theft the number 1 white collar crime. 10 million victims every year, 27,000 victims daily, 1every 3.2 seconds. According to the FTC it takes an average 600 hrs and several thousands to restore your identity.  Mark Jones will be the guest Subject Matter Expert presenter at SIB's August 2006 Networking Meeting as part of SIB's Empowerment Education and Training solutions.

Next month's "Lunch & Learn" SME

SIB Client Dr. Cassandra Whitaker with Whitaker Women's Center will be the guest Subject Matter Expert (SME) at next month "Lunch & Learn" networking meeting. September 14, 2006





Sisters In Business Food Drive For The Chattanooga Community Kitchen

The Sisters In Business Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo 2006 is open to the public and also serves as a fundraising event for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.  A donation of $1.00 will be accepted for supporting the Community Kitchen, and a food drive will also be conducted, with canned goods graciously accepted at the Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo on November 4 in a designated area.   (Click here for more information about the Community Kitchen.)


Bizzy Bee Brief

by Tekelia C. Kelly



Business Website of the Week

Internal Revenue Service
I know if may not give an immediate good first impression, but I really have found this site to be really useful, with FAQs, articles, and tax forms for both individuals and businesses.



Business Q/A of the Week

Question:   "How did you hear about us '(or me)?"

Answer.  This is a very important question to ask your customers or anyon e who contacts you for business.  Use this question or something similar to find out what advertising or marketing strategies are working for you.



Business Quote of the Week

"Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



Business Card Use of the Week

Use them as scrap paper when you need to jot down a note.

Instead of a napkin, use the back of your business card to write in your cell phone number. "This is my direct line," you might say, making the prospect feel important and giving him or her a reason to keep your card.  Click here for more.



Business Book of the Week

Start Your Own Business, Third Edition

By Rieva Lesonsky



Business Fashions Find of the Week



Fashions by Nordstrom.com

Sisters In Business is a proud Sponsor of the Chattanooga Premier Stage Production "Crowns" by Regina Taylor. Directed by Karl D'Wayne Gardner. (Stay tuned for more.)



Click here for more info.  Or call 423.421.5646

Sister-Girl Story


Send in Your "Sister-Girl" Story (Seeking 'words of wisdom" from wise women who care to share the benefits of their experiences, in order to help develop girls, women, and "sisters in business"...and even the boys and men in our community.)  Send your story to sistersinbusiness@comcast.net  (Stories are in the queue...stay tuned.)

Upcoming SIB Newsletter Stories

  • SAFAH-Commmunity Kitchen Support for Women and Children

  • Youth In Business 2006-Summer Enrichment Programs Report

  • Technical Support Solutions for Small Business


SIB Technical Support


some email browsers may not be compatible with certain web applications; therefore, we have also made our SIB Online Newsletters on the Sisters In Business Home Page  at www.sistersinbusiness.net, to better assure functionality.  Thank you!  --Tekelia C. Kelly


Community Connections






Saturday, September 16 -- 8:30 a.m. -12 p.m.
First Presbyterian Church
554 McCallie Avenue

Light Breakfast Provided

The Event is FREE, but
everyone must pre-register

For More Information, please contact:
Romaine Ballew
Administrative Assistant
Scenic City Women's Network
(423) 698-6262
fax----(423) 629-7777
Website: www.scwn.org


SAVE THE DATE: Nov. 4, 2006

Sisters In Business Holiday Shopping Showcase 

& Business Expo



Exhibitor and Sponsorship packages available. 

Click here for more info.  Or call 423.421.5646


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Aquarium Foods



Walter Johnson & Lou Goss, Owners

Aquarium Foods Catering and Foodcourt

2 Broad Street .  Chattanooga, TN 37402

423 265-1691 or 800-820-FOOD  






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