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Greetings!  Welcome to the Sisters In Business Online Newsletter. 

This publication offers news and information about women-owned and small businesses in your community.

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Sisters In Business ‘NAME’ Brand Their Businesses & SIB Shows How!


SIB Clients can now add to their business tool box custom domain names and web address “parking”.  What does this mean?  SIB Business owners can now  create their own personalized web address name, based on their business needs and/or interests, and make them point to any where on the world wide web, be it there on developed website, or their powerful Sisters In Business Client Webpage.


SIB Client Dorothea Johnetta Johnson (pictured left), a certified licensed aesthetician has already taken advantage of the service by registering her new web address www.innerglowskincare.com, and parking it at her client page on the SIB network; There her business is open to SIB network visitors and the world wide web where there is a mall of internet traffic 24-7.  She then uses her new web address on her business cards, car signs, voicemail messages, and whenever referencing her services to her customers.  It’s SIB’s network, advertise, market and empower (NAME) your business strategy. To find out more about this service click here.

"It's like your business card, without the card!"

Crystal Smith, SIB Business Client

Now SIB Clients can do business more competitively both online, and offline where over 75% of the world is online; and gain points as a 21st century professional.  Simply put by one SIB Business Client, Crystal Smith, upon hearing about the new business-branding strategy, "It's like your business card, without the card!"

It's just another powerful SIB solution that enables SIB Clients to better “ brand” their business across their business, improving their marketability, credibility, and networkability in the business marketplace.


Side Bar:  Sisters In Business Client Webpage can include client photo and brief biography, business name, company profile with 100-word description, address, office, fax, and cell phone numbers, email, website, logo, business related photos, and a PDF business document (menu, flyer, etc.).  The client's webpage is located online within the Sisters In Business Network at www.sistersinbusiness.net. For more information about this quick, easy, and powerful online and offline business solution click here.  For personal consultation please email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net, or call 423.421.5646.


SIB Spotlights Camille Platt, Editor Chattanooga Christian Family  Magazine, & SIB Showcase Sponsor

Sisters In Business is proud to spotlight sponsor Camille Platt, Editor of the Chattanooga Family Christian Magazine.

Camille Platt began her career as a freelance writer and editor after graduating from the Samford University Department of Journalism and Mass Communication in Birmingham. She joined The Christian Family Publication, Inc. as the Assistant Editor of Birmingham Christian Family, Anniston/Gadsden Christian Family and Tennessee Valley Christian Family magazines in 2005. She and her husband, Daniel, a pharmacist, moved to Chattanooga to begin Chattanooga Christian Family in May 2006.


It is always good to be in relationship with business women who have a achieved a level of success, while still having in tact their sense of goodwill, good values, and good business ethics.  This includes taking the time to share and/or relate to other women who are also in the business world.  Ms. Platt is indeed such a person, as can be seen in the quote below showing her to desire to use her publication to also help to promote women in business as well as women in ministry.

Sisters In Business promotes businesses using its Business NAME Strategy.  NAME is the acronym for SIB's Networking, Advertising, Marketing, and Empowering services.  To find out more about Sisters In Business visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net.

SIB Sister "Success Story "


“Tekelia, I was looking at your website today and noticed an advertisement...I am interested in getting in touch with her to do an article."


Camille Platt, Editor Chattanooga Christian Family


Sponsors Needed to Help Fund Showcase


Advertisers and Sponsors are needed to help support the Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo.  This is an event which promotes women-owned and small businesses, while raising funds and food for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.


Sponsors will be "spotlighted" and given recognition in print communications and verbal announcement throughout the event.  Sponsors will be recognized during media campaigns via television stations, news papers, trade journals,  and other communication channels whenever possible.  Sponsors will be given a company table at the tradeshow for use as needed with special signage of company name, and placed accordingly in top billing section of event program.  Platinum and Gold level sponsors will also be "flagship" sponsors with logos placed on both event banner and cover of program booklet.


Sponsors and Advertisers will be highlighted on Sisters In Business Website, in Sisters In Business print newsletter distributed throughout Chattanooga and surrounding areas; as well as in Sisters In Business Online Newsletter published weekly via our website and through Email Marketing Campaigns, all of which has a target audience potential of over 60,000 people.  Sponsors/Advertisers will be distinguished by level of sponsorship andor ad purchase, All sponsorships and ads will be placed accordingly as follows:


Platinum Level Sponsors--------------------$1,000   Full Page AD

Gold Level Sponsors--------------------------$750  Half Page Ad

Silver Level Sponsors-------------------------------$500   Third Page AD

Bronze Level Sponsorship-----------------------------$250  Quarter Ad


General Advertisements-------------------------------------------------$100 Eighth Ad


SIB Pack "Flyers" - Quick, easy, and affordable way to advertise your business at the Holiday Showcase.----------------------------------------$25.00 Per Flyer


If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising for this event, or know of an individual/ business who may be interested, please email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net, or call 423.421.5646.



Breaking News: Welcome New SIB Client Tanya Horne



Sisters In Business Welcomes Tanya Horne, Independent Business Consultant for Arbornne.


Sisters In Business is proud to present its newest Business Client and Network Member, Tanya Horne, Independent Business Consultant for Arbonne International.


Look for more about Tanya Horne in upcoming issue of the SIB Online Newsletter.  You can also find her in the Sisters In Business Business Client Directory.


Exercise 101:

SIB Seeks to Empower Women to Be Fit & Healthy! Presenting Felicia Wilson, SIB Health/Fitness Writer



Go Low Tech

Technology is good on one hand and can be bad on the other. If you look around we almost don’t have to do anything. Technology makes most things so effortless. Please don’t get me wrong, I think Technology is a wonderful thing, but much of it reduces us to very lazy people. For example we will tear the sofa up looking for the TV remote instead of getting up to manually turn the TV. (I know this does not happen to the SIB readers-Hmmmmmm) Try going low Tech for a few weeks. I can almost guarantee that you will burn another few hundred calories a day. Walk in the park after work for a few minutes, use the steps instead of the elevators at work, go bike riding on the weekends, give up the remote control, (here’s a big one) limited the use of play stations and XBOX.

 (Stay tune for an article on Childhood Obesity)

Surround Yourself with Good Role Models

We all have heard that saying “birds of a feather flock together”, well now it is time to fly with the eagles. If your family members and friends are couch potatoes, chances are you will have even a harder time becoming active while hanging out with them. Starting off you need to surround yourself with people who are healthy eaters and active, then chances are it will be much easier for you to stay active as well.

Peer pressure is wonderful if you use it in positive ways! This will also allow you to later encourage the couch potatoes in your life.


Set Weekly Goals

Setting goals are one of the most important life tools we were taught. When we began a exercise program it is important to set realistic attainable goals once a week for beginners. The whole idea behind this is to set up a plan to endure longer, go faster, and farther. This can also work with nutrition goals. Remember only you know what is realistic for you.


Look for the Sisters In Business Health and Fitness monthly column written by "Faithful Fitness" Instructor Felicia Wilson.


 Business News & Information





Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so there's no time like the present to have that mammogram you've been putting off. According to medical experts, the earlier the detection of breast cancer, the higher the chances of a successful recovery. If there is a woman dear to you, go for a mammogram together. Support is key!

Get some important information about breast health and cancer awareness:

Sisters Network, Inc. Founded in 1994, Sisters Network® Inc. (SNI) is the first national African American breast cancer survivorship organization. Over the last ten years, the 501 © 3 organization has solidified its position as the national voice and a leader in the African American woman's fight against breast cancer.

A Sister's Guide to Breast Health African-American women with breast cancer have more than twice the risk of dying than Caucasian women, largely because they have more advanced disease at the time of initial diagnosis of their cancer. Read more >>

Breast Cancer Resource Committee, www.bcresource.org

Cancer Care, www.cancercare.org

Men Against Breast Cancer, www.menagainstbreastcancer.org

National Breast Cancer Foundation, http://nationalbreastcancer.org

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, www.komen.org

The Sister Study, www.sisterstudy.org


SIB Business Clients Directory

Find the Business or Service You Need In The SIB Business Network

Look for doctors, accountants, aestheticians, real estate agent, investment brokers, virtual assistants, caterers, florists, and many other professional women-owned businesses in the Sisters in Business Network.  Needing a business or service?  Find the service provider you need at Sisters In Business.  Visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net

Click here to search for our business clients, partners, and their services, using our  Business Directory and Service Links


Sisters In Business works to promote, propel, and prosper those in/related to its network. 

Thank you for supporting the women-owned and small businesses in your community.


Sisters In Business Client Advertisements













"Full Service Food Caterers, Wedding Planners, & Special Occasion Equipment!"


Deborah Grimes

Creative Catering

408 Howard Circle

Chattanooga, TN  37411









The Floral Gallery

Mary Williams, Owner


Brighten up your room or any decor with the special floral designs from The Floral Gallery, owner Mrs. Mary Williams.

Specials for the month of August include Assorted Mixed Dish Gardens 8" Assorted Containers for $25.00.  Also 10% discount on all other orders through September.  Visit your "sister in business" Mrs. Mary William at the Floral Gallery "for all your floral needs".

1524 Dodds Avenue 

Chattanooga, TN  37406





My Store Page


"Flowers for your Floral Needs"






SIB Business Client Mrs. Mary Williams  Nominated for Chattanooga Chamber's ATHENA Award



Read a wonderful account of services rendered by Mrs. Mary Williams Chattanooga Police Department as explained in testimonial written by Mrs. Elsa Dotson on behalf of Mrs. Mary in support of her nomination for the ATHENA Award, please click here.

To find out more about the Athena Award click here.


Inner Glow Skin Care At Heavenly Styles Salon-Waxing By Dorothea Johnetta Johnson, Owner

"Tired of unwanted hair on your body?  Inner Glow Skin Care at Heavenly Styles Salon and Day Spa has your answer.  Have your unwanted hair removed by waxing.

Waxing is a way to have hair removed from your body.  It last longer than shaving every week because and the hair is removed straight from your hair follicle. 
Inner Glow Skin Care  is available to remove unwanted hair by waxing it from your eyebrows, lips, chin, sides of face, underarms, legs and bikini area.
Call now to schedule your appointment and receive a free lip wax with a eyebrow and chin wax.  Offer expire September 30, 2006.
Inner Glow Skin Care at Heavenly Styles Salon and Day Spa
3475 Brainerd Road, Suite 1
Chattanooga, TN 37411
423-290-5023 or 423-629-9272
Dorothea C. Johnson
Licensed Aesthetician


Sadie Smith

Call Sadie Smith of Skin Balm, Inc. at 423.296.1655. or visit WWW.YOURSKINSHELPER.COM


  Sadie Smith
  Skin Balm, Inc.

Phone: 423-296-1655

Cheri Hudgins, Sister of the Month-September 2006

Cheri Hudgins is a licensed Administrator of Rose of Sharon's Senior Villa and the manager of Sharon's Personal Care a BeautiControl Consultant. If you wish to learn how to relax in the comfort of your own home, then Cheri is the person you want to call. 

Cheri is available to do "Spa Parties" for special events, such as Bridal Showers, Ladies Night Out, or a special twist for a birthday party.  She will create an environment of relaxation while providing great information of how to care for you and your body. 

Visit Cheri online at www.sistersinbusiness.net where she can be found in the the SIB  Business Directory, and her own Business/Owner Webpage.

SIB Training, Development, & Business Support Services

For more business development resource information on matters such as  business plans, finances, training and business savvy strategies, please visit our website at http://sistersinbusiness.net/BusinessSupt.htm.  

Nautilus Awards

The Nautilus Awards recipients along with the ATHENA Award recipient will be announced on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 11:30 a.m. in the Chattanoogan Ballroom, 1102 Broad Street.

Sister In Business- Business Client Mrs. Mary Williams, the owner of the "The Floral Gallery" can be found listed amongst those nominated for the Athena Award.  Click here read more about nominations.

To register for the Awards ceremony or for more information regarding the Nautilus and/or ATHENA Awards, contact Mandy Taylor at mtaylor@chattanoogachamber.com or (423) 763-4366, or visit www.chattanoogachamber.com







Girls Inc. Job Openings

Girls Inc. is expanding their programs and services to reach more girls, Girls Inc., and has several job openings.  They are actively recruiting full and part time staff who embrace our vision of better outcomes for girls in our community and share in our passion for inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.  Click here for more information about job openings.

Get Noticed, Be Found, Spread the Word!

Advertise With Sisters In Business!  Attention Sponsors, Advertisers, and Partners.  Use our online and print newsletters, websites, and tradeshows as a great way to market and advertise current news and events, business services, employment ads, job bids, election campaigns, real estate, and more.  Call us today at 423.421.5646 or  click here.  Also you can visit us online at www.sistersinbusiness.net and click the Advertising button.


Sisters In Business-Business Services



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Call (423) 893-7709


Get the latest trends, hot industry and market information. Now available at Books-A-Million Stores!





Paid Advertisement

Aquarium Foods



Walter Johnson & Lou Goss, Owners

Aquarium Foods Catering and Foodcourt

2 Broad Street .  Chattanooga, TN 37402

423 265-1691 or 800-820-FOOD  








About the Showcase


Vendors at event will offer  jewelry, fashions, handbags, hats, shoes, fragrances, candles, floral designs, art & crafts, books, pictures, decorated accessories, gift and novelty items; as well  hair, facial, spa, catering, health and wellness, financial, and other services.  Business and employment, networking opportunities will also be offered.


Shop early for the holidays and help the Community Kitchen! The Sisters In Business Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo  designed to provide multiple benefits, helping to raise funds and food for the Chattanooga Community Kitchen, while promoting women-owned and small businesses in Chattanooga and surrounding areas. 

Every Night in Chattanooga

300 men, women, and children go to bed outside, hungry, and homeless. Another 250-300 pillow their heads in shelters. Thousands more, the near homeless, are within inches of losing everything. They are powerless, in need, and often in despair.


We are working to change that!

Wednesday starts early voting.  Please cast your vote for the candidate of your choice.  ALSO, please read, carefully, the amendments and vote accordingly.  If the wording is not clear to you, ask one of the election representatives for assistance.






SIB Partner Katye Jones, Financial SME at October 26th "Lunch & Learn"


SIB Network Client Katye Jones of Merrill Lynch will be the guest Subject Matter Expert (SME) at next month "Lunch & Learn" networking meeting. She will speak on "Smart Women Finish Rich" . She will also have a book to give away by the author of the book.



LOCATION: The Tallan Cellar in the Tallan Building Downtown Chattanooga, TN, located at the corner of Martin Luther King (MLK) Blvd and Chestnut inside the Tallan Building Chattanooga, TN 37402. Phone:, (423) 648-0880. Lunch will be available if so desired, not required, at a cost of $10.50 per person, and will begin 11:30 AM. Click here visit the Cellar Restaurant which also makes available its menu daily.


FREE PARKING: Nearby Day's Inn Rivergate has graciously allowed free parking for all luncheon attendees this day.

Please click here to see upcoming SIB SME's and SIB Networking Meetings. 


Click here to join the Sisters In Business Network

Got Power?  

(Brothers In Business Always Welcome!)



Get Empowered.

















At Sisters In Business "Lunch & Learn" Meeting Thursday, October 26, 2006

at The Cellar restaurant in the Tallan Building.


The Cellar is located downtown Chattanooga at the corner of Martin Luther King (MLK) Blvd and Chestnut inside the Tallan Building Chattanooga, TN 37402. Phone:, (423) 648-0880. Lunch will be available if so desired, not required, at a cost of $10.50 per person, and will begin 11:30 AM. Click here visit the Cellar Restaurant which also makes available its menu daily.


FREE PARKING: Nearby Day's Inn Rivergate has graciously allowed free parking for all luncheon attendees this day.


Open to Public.

Come Meet and Greet!

Come Talk and Eat!

Hear a Brief Speech,

From an SME! (Subject Matter Expert)

Get Empowered!


Get a "Sneak Preview" to Showcase Merchandise, Door Prizes, & More!


Click On Showcase Table Below To Go To More Information.

Click here to see updates to "Who & What " in the Showcase, including, Vendors, Merchandise, & Door Prizes!


SPONSORS NEEDED!  Please click here for more information.



Benefiting the Chattanooga Community Kitchen!


SIBay Online Store Browsing: Promoting Local Business

If you enjoy selling or buying at the mall, consignment boutiques, upscale resale shops, classified ads, garage sales, or flee markets, you’re going to love SIBAY.  SIBay is sistersinbusiness.net’ online and offline shopping solution that , yes it's similar to “EBay”, but offers Chattanoogans the benefits of doing business online and in their own backyard.  What does that mean?  That means that the money you spend stays close to where you live, which helps to build the our business economy and local communities.  

What really is a plus is that SIBay offers the opportunity to build invaluable relationships between businesses and customers.  Having an online shopping portal in the neighborhood means you get to do “free” local calling about an item of interest, and even go by to see the merchandise before purchasing.  It’s exciting to see the E*Commerce take life like this on a local level!

Got merchandise?  Need merchandise? Buy and Sell @ SIBay, Sisters In Business'  online shopping solution.  SIBay is an online showcase of items for sell in the local community, where customers and businesses can meet. 



To learn more visit our SIBay Online Shopping or to advertise on SIBay, please  contact SIBay Customer Service  at 423.421.5446.  Click here to go to the SIBAy Online Shopping Portal.


Thanks to Our "Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo" Sponsors 














SPONSORS NEEDED!  Please click here for more information.



AYES! (Alternative Youth Employment Solutions)



That's AYES!  Sisters In Business has a passion for youth, and also wish for them to discover their potential to do business as young business entrepreneurs.  That's why the Sisters In Business Holiday Shopping Showcase & Business Expo 2006 has allotted a limited number of  tables for young folk (15-21) who may wish to do  business and showcase their talent and skills. Do you know a young person who has marketable skills?  Do they show the potential of being in a junior business?  Maybe they are good at word processing, or other office applications, provide computer training or computer technical support, can sing, dance, or do dramatizations for special occasions, create dynamic drawings and wonderful paintings, knit or crochet beautiful blankets, braid hair, has baby sitting service, write story/poetry books, or tutor children. 

Maybe you, or someone you know, could help sponsor such a youth on this day. Why not help some young person develop their talents and abilities and show them how their skills are a marketable resource that could help sustain and financially support them in life if/when needed.  Get their business plan, display, and business cards ready, and coach them that day as they explore the world of entrepreneurship and business commerce. 

Click here to learn more about SIB's "YOUTH IN BUSINESS" and AYES page.

Please consider being a mentor to children whenever you can.  Thank you!.

Email us here to request more information about Youth In Business.




Bizzy Bee Brief

by Tekelia C. Kelly



Business Website


National Association of Women Business Owners® (NAWBO®) is the voice of America's 10.6 million women-owned businesses . Since 1975, NAWBO has helped women evolve their businesses by sharing resources and providing a single voice to shape economic and public policy.


Business Q/A

Question: The following question was sent in by one of our readers.  We'd like to hear you answers as well.  

"Once you have started a business, what is a good way to build clientele and keep clientele?"  


Click here to give your answer that we'll share it in our next issue. 



Click here to ask your questions). We'd love to hear from you.  :>)




Business Quote

George F. Burns
"Define your business goals clearly so that others can see them as you do."


Business Card Use

Use when traveling and meeting people as needed on train, plane, shuttle, cab.



Business Book/Magazine

Leadership and the New Science is a modern classic--it has been adopted as required reading by businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, schools at all levels, and the U.S. military.



Business Fashions Find



Fashions by www.barriepace.com

Sister-Girl Story


This Sister-Girl Story was sent in by Karen Lee of Chattanooga, TN

Letting Your Light Shine

We are each born into this world with unique gifts. Within us is a glimmer of the divine, a light that can potentially make the world a more beautiful place. But in many, that light lies dormant, snuffed out by fears and feelings of inadequacy. To spark it is to attract attention, face the possibility of rejection or the responsibility of success, and risk being labeled immodest. Yet when we undermine the light by hiding our aptitudes and quashing our dreams, we deny ourselves and others a wealth of experiences. Your abilities are a part of who you are and when you take pride in them, you affirm the love, esteem, and trust with which you view yourself. Moreover, as you express the light within, you grant others permission to do the same, freeing them to explore their own talents.

For some, we are taught to hide our light from the world since childhood. Relatives caution us that the professions associated with our aptitudes are unattainable. Our peers may be envious of our skills and thus overly critical of the activities we instinctively enjoy. And authority figures admonish us to be humble and avoid showing off. But there is a vast chasm that separates those who let their light shine and those who seek only to draw attention to themselves. When you dare to share your light with the world, the beauty and perfection of your soul become clearly visible. You become a whole being-the literal embodiment of your vast potential. Whether you are a wonderful dancer, a first-rate cook, quick with numbers, or a natural negotiator, you'll come to understand that you do the world no favors when you hold yourself back.

If you have hidden your light for so long that it has shrunk to an ember, make a list of everything you do well, however impractical, silly, or seemingly inconsequential. Then ask yourself how you can positively utilize those abilities in your daily life. The gifts you were born with were not granted to you arbitrarily. While you may never discover what impact your light has had on others, you can be certain that when you embrace your talents and share them with others, you will spread illumination in the world.

Karen M Lee
Citywide Insurance Services
2703 Long Street
Chattanooga, TN 37408


Send in Your "Sister-Girl" Story (Seeking 'words of wisdom" from wise women who care to share the benefits of their experiences, in order to help develop girls, women, and "sisters in business", and even the boys and men in our community.)  Send your story to sistersinbusiness@comcast.net  (Stories are in the queue.  Stay tuned.)


Community Connections

The Wizard of Oz

Now on stage at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre through October 21, 2006.  For ticket information click here or visit online at www.theatrecentre.com/To Order Tickets by Phone call 423-267-8534


Pictured in "Tin Man" scene (top picture) on far left  is Caleb Christian Kelly, son of SIB Publisher Tekelia C. Kelly, who is earning his school required volunteer hours by working in musical theatre production at the Chattanooga Theatre Centre.


Pilgrim Rock Baptist Church

1726 Church Road

Chattanooga, Tennessee  37421

 Women’s L.I.F.E. Fellowship


3rd Annual Women’s Conference 2006


Saturday, October 21, 2006


11:30 am

Registration & Door prizes


12:00 Noon



1:00 PM

Open Forum

Worship Services



Fan the Flame: “Pursuing Passion, Power and Promise

Fall Into Savings With SIB Offers!


$50.00 Off  $195.00 Annual SIB Client Subscription/Membership Fee for vendors in the Holiday Shopping Showcase.


$25.00 SIB Pack "Flyers"- A Quick, Easy, and Affordable way to advertise your business at the Holiday Showcase.


$25.00 Online Newsletter Advertisements.  Buy 3 general ads and get the fourth ad free.


$20.00 Business card size ad in Holiday Showcase Booklet.


FREE! Give a door prize and get free publicity.


Email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net, Or Call 423.421.5646 for more information.



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Broadcast your Job Openings, Public Service Announcements, or Church Event FREE @SIB

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