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“Celebrating life through song...and story!” That's a passion and a mission for singer, songwriter, recording artist, and publisher Tekelia Kelly. The once history-making "Memphis Music" recording artist of the 80's signed with world-class and renown recording facility Sounds of Memphis Studios in Memphis, Tennessee now lives back home in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Her rare and once unreleased recordings with Sounds of Memphis Studios can now be found at ITunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody and other music outlets.


Tekelia's “Merry Christmas” song collection performed at special events and occasions, and on recordings mark the debut of her independent record label David's Daughter Publishing, and rebirth of her vocal artistry.  The collection includes specially selected songs that celebrate the life, love, and sentimental expressions of people during the Christmas season.  


"Love is the ultimate gift! It is the reason for the very “first Christmas gift” Jesus Christ. Love is what Christmas is all about! For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life!" says Tekelia.

Whether it's a live performance or a music recording Tekelia's playlists give way to her versatile style and melodious sounds, as she sings across the genres--standards, jazz, blues, gospel, spirituals and more! Her vocal artistry also speaks to her enjoyment of singing classic songs from the 20th century.



For booking inquiries or more info:

Call: 423.421.5646
Email:  sistersinbusiness@comcast.net
Visit: www.tekeliakelly.com 







Tekelia Kelly is a singer, songwriter, recording artist, and engineer. A Native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, she has performed in plays, musicals, recitals, pageants, shows, and as special entertainment for events and occasions since childhood.


Tekelia Kelly has performed professionally for numerous audiences at major events and venues, including the world’s fair, television shows, national commemorative ceremonies, historical theaters, sporting arenas, festivals, and churches.

She has shared the stage with numerous celebrities including Jennifer Holiday, Mavis Staples, Sybil Shephard, Patti Austin, Calvin Lockhart, and O'lander Draper.

A history-maker herself, the former Miss Black Chattanooga (Tennessee) is also one of Memphis, Tennessee’s original “music town” performers of the 1980’s.

Tekelia has headlined at Libertyland and Beale Street. Additionally, she has appeared at the Orpheum Theatre, Peabody Hotel, and the National Civil Rights Museum.

In the 1980s, Tekelia was signed as a recording artist with the legendary Sounds of Memphis Studios.  Today, you can hear her rare and unreleased recordings at ITunes, Amazon, Napster, MySpace and other music outlets.

Since 2009, Tekelia has thrived as a colon cancer survivor, She revived her music artistry by launching TekeliaKelly.com.

During this time she also discovered the world-wide release of her Sounds of Memphis Studio recordings, now available at ITunes, Amazon, Napster and other music outlets.


Tekelia now “celebrates life through song” for special events and occasions. She especially enjoys singing the timeless classics of legendary singers in her one-woman shows entitled “She Sings”.

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For booking inquiries or more info:

Call: 423.421.5646
Email:  sistersinbusiness@comcast.net
Visit: www.tekeliakelly.com 






Also Listen, Share & Buy Tekelia’s History-making Recordings at  iTunes, Amazon, Napster







Click here  to listen to, share and buy Tekelia’s CDs, MP3s, and other music.  

Find Tekelia’s music at  iTunes, Amazon, Napster, Myspace



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