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Treasa Newton of Woman's Way Journal SME (Subject Matter Expert) for SIB's "Lunch & Learn" on December 14 , 2006


SIB Sponsor and Partner Treasa Newton will be  (SME) for month of December. 


Treasa Newton is Editor / Publisher of Woman’s Way Journal, a regional information publication for women. She began Woman’s Way in March of 1993 as a ministry to “education, inform and empower women in a family-type publication.” Today, the publication has over 60,000 readers monthly and is distributed in seven counties; two in Tennessee and five in Georgia.


Prior to establishing Woman’s Way Journal, Treasa was CEO of Creative Communications, a local advertising agency in the Chattanooga area for ten years.


She has served as Supervisor of the Communications Department of Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Tennessee, as Public Relations Director for a national hospital management firm and was responsible for some 150 hospitals nationwide. She also served as Director of Information Services for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, as advertising assistant for a major manufacturing company and as editorial assistant for the Tennessee Credit Union League.


Current community involvement includes serving on the boards of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chattanooga as parliamentarian and on the board of the Tennessee Federation of Business and Professional Women as Regional Director. She served as that organization’s state president in 1987-88.

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Sadie Smith, Sister of the Month-November 2006

Sadie Smith is the owner of Skin Balm, Inc’s Products is a manufacturer and distributor of Multi-Purpose Skin Balm Series and Skin Balm Series for Psoriasis, which are designed and proven to be your skin’s helper in healing skin that has been damaged from many causes.  Her company's mission is to help people all over the world restore or maintain their skin integrity and to reduce the number of non-traumatic amputations related to diabetes and other conditions.

Visit Sadie Smith online at www.sistersinbusiness.net where she can be found in the the SIB  Business Directory, and her own Business/Owner Webpage.


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At Sisters In Business "Lunch & Learn" Meeting Thursday, December 14, 2006

at The Cellar restaurant in the Tallan Building.


The Cellar is located downtown Chattanooga at the corner of Martin Luther King (MLK) Blvd and Chestnut inside the Tallan Building Chattanooga, TN 37402. Phone:, (423) 648-0880. Lunch will be available if so desired, not required, at a cost of $10.50 per person, and will begin 11:30 AM. Click here visit the Cellar Restaurant which also makes available its menu daily.   FREE PARKING: Nearby Day's Inn Rivergate has graciously allowed free parking for all luncheon attendees this day.


Open to Public.

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From an SME! (Subject Matter Expert)

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Shop these area businesses for  great gift ideas and savings just in time for the holidays! Call or visit for more info.

Creative Catering

         “Service with Style”

  Be kindly affectionate to one another given to hospitality.  Romans 12:10,13


      Lee Grimes

   & Deborah Grimes 

(423) 432-0042

e-mail: creativecaterin@bellsouth.net


Arbonne International

Tanya Horne


Independent Consultant


9237 Shay Cove

Ooltewah, TN 37363

(423) 855-7064







Mary Williams, Owner

1524 Dodds Avenue

Chattanooga, TN  37406



My Store Page


"Flowers for your Floral Needs"


Darlene’s Purse-Sonals

Hand-made Crochet Purses & Accessories

 Darlene’s Purse-Sonals

Original Hand Crochet Bags

Chattanooga, TN







Jewelry and Accessories

Greta Long, Owner


For more information contact:


 or call 423.421.5646



Body Products

Carolyn Miller

Independent Consultant




Strut Fashions

Diane Mason, Owner

Greenway View Drive, Suite116 Chattanooga, TN 37411 (BRAINERD MARKET CENTER)





 Personalized Candles


Zeknovia Charles, Owner

2448 N. Brier Circle

Chattanooga, TN  37406





Ferlencia Tuggle

Ferlencia's Floral Designs

711 Tunnel Boulevard

Chattanooga, Tennessee






Janice A. Burse

 Beauty Advisor

 Independent Sales

Phone: 423-899-7102     

Fax: 423-855-7920




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"School Bus Driver" Appreciation Month


by Tekelia C. Kelly, Editor


I cannot say enough how much I appreciate all those who teach, work with, and help in the development and well-being of our children.  Today I would like to point out the school bus system, both the drivers and those in dispatch for the service they provide us.


Like teachers and many others who have been an extension of my parenting, by offering their guidance and care to my children, particularly when they are away from me; the school bus drivers have also played an important role in the lives of my children.  They have echoed my direction to my kids, watched out for them at bus stops, and gone the extra mile in helping with lost items or illness.


As a kid, my first encounter with the school bus was during the days of school bussing  back in the seventies in Chattanooga.  I rode the bus from then my ninth grade year of  middle school through a large part of my high school year.  Now having relocated  back to Chattanooga from Memphis-three children later, with an 18 and 20 year old now driving cars; I get to experience this special community tradition via my eleven year old son.


I hold in high regard school bus drivers, and offer them my utmost respect.  For it is our "precious cargo" (children) that they are carrying to and fro on their bus routes, following a schedule designed to assure that the children arrive at their primary and secondary institutions of learning on time.  While doing this, these wonderful drivers must be able to navigate the roads, pedestrians, other drivers, and weather conditions; manage behaviors and the well-being of children; adhere to school policies and bus driving regulations; and secure the safety of everyone on the bus.  This is a job not to be taken lightly by the driver...nor anyone else.


The school bus system is another example of how our society advocates community service, education, and the accessibility of families and their children in our education system.  These are values that are still a priority in our culture.


I thank God for all of our special gifts and talents, and the different abilities we have each been shaped with that equips for our  jobs.  I personally do not know if I could be a school bus driver.  But I do know that I am so very grateful to those who are.  They are truly to be commended for taking on such a serious job and performing it daily.


Would you please join with Sisters In Business in showing appreciation to the school bus driver(s) in our lives during the month of December.  Maybe you can send a thank you or holiday greeting card, or some other token of appreciation before school lets out for the holiday season.  Our school bus drivers shoulder an awesome responsibility of transporting our children from their homes/pick-up points to their schools, then back to their end-of-the-day destinations. 


Hence, another thing to be thankful for this Holiday Season--our School Bus Drivers!

How to Balance Those Tempting Holiday Treats with Good Nutrition Tips  

by Felicia Wilson


'Thinking small also is a way to avoid big calories!


Tis the season to be tempted—by momma’s good cooking, holiday parties and treats lurking around the office


There are several strategies for making your way around the buffet table at family gathering and/or the office party.


I hear you asking: How? Well you can better resist holiday treats with a little preparation. First and foremost, do not skip breakfast or lunch.


You can have a lower-calorie meal earlier in the day, make sure you don’t starve yourself because you are sure to overdo it when it’s time for the party.


Also, consider the connection between what you wear and what you eat.


It has been recommended that you wear clothes that are close-fitting so that when you eat enough you are sure to feel it, and when you feel it STOP!


Please be sure not to wear clothes that are uncomfortably tight, because this could cause significant discomfort.


Potluck is a good time to prepare eye-appealing fruit kabobs or a low-fat recipe from a light-cooking magazine.


Other strategies:


  • Maintain variety in your food consumption each day.

  • Watch portion sizes.

  • Watch the fat in your holiday diet; stoke up on fruits and vegetables to satisfy hunger.

  • Drink a couple glasses of refreshing water before party-going or party-giving.

  • Have a piece of fruit or raw vegetables before party-going or party-giving.

  • Be aware of the calories consumed when the cook tastes while cooking.

  • Avoid, where possible, the excesses of extras ... gravy, cream, mounds of butter, sour cream, mayonnaise and hidden cheese.

  • Choose white poultry without the skin.

  • Balance your social circuit with a few walking circuits around the block.

  • Avoid eating standing up.

  • If you decide to splurge, make it worthwhile by selecting something you really enjoy ... then just have a small portion.

People with existing conditions such as heart disease can try nuts and snacks that have unsaturated fats. Those will keep you satisfied but also are heart-healthy.

Even small physical activities help burn those extra calories:


  • Go for a walk at lunch.

  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.

  • Play active games such as Twister at family gatherings.

  • Walk to your mailbox instead of rolling down the car window as you go by.


Last, do not be too hard on yourself and attempt to start a diet during the holidays. Your goal can be to maintain your weight.



Look for the Sisters In Business Health and Fitness monthly column written by "Faithful Fitness" Instructor Felicia Wilson.

Be wealthy, well, and wise this season with Professional Services  Providers waiting to serve you.

Katye Jones

CFM, CRPC,Asst. Vice President/Investments

Merrill Lynch Global Private Client Group
2 Union Square - Suite 400
Chattanooga, TN  37402 

office 1 423 752 4570
toll free 1 866 299 3725
fax 1 423 752 3671




Dorothea  Johnetta  Johnson

Owner of Inner Glow Skin Care Service and Licensed Aesthetician


Inner Glow Skin Care Service

Dorothea Johnson

1102 Shallowford Road

Chattanooga, TN 37411


Phone: 423-290-5023  

Inner Glow Skin Care is offering discounts on Facials. Receive a One Hour Facial for $50.00 instead of $60.00. This signature Facial includes cleansing, toning, exfoliation and mask. A massage is given to the décolleté' (chest) and both arms, your lower feet, accompanied by steam and aromatherapy on a wonderful heated massage bed. A wonderful full rejuvenating experience.   Approximately 1 hour for $50.00
Mini Facial:
This a great way to get yourself or your teenage started on taking care of their skin. Receive a 30 minute Facial for $25.00 dollars instead of $30.00.
Maximum results in a minimal amount of time for the immediate needs of the skin.  A deep pore cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation, treatment mask and a moisturizer.
Approximately 30 minutes for $25.00
Christmas Bonus:
Buy 2 Facials regularly $120.00 for $100.00.  This is a $20.00 savings.
Buy 2 Mini Facials regularly $60.00 for $50.00.  This is a $10.00 savings.
Skin Care starter sets available for Normal, Sensitive, Acne, and Oily skin.  
Gift certificates are also available for the Holidays as well as any other special holiday.  All Gift Certificates are good 6 months from the date they are purchased.
All Christmas Bonuses are good till December 31st, 2006.
Please call Dorothea Johnson at Inner Glow Skin Care Service at 423-290-5023.



Cassandra D. Whitaker,  M.D., OB/GYN


Whitaker Women’s Care

929 Spring Creek Road Suite 202

Chattanooga, Tennessee 37412


(423) 855-4044




Massage Plus

Virginia P. Yarbrough

Phone No.: 423.802.3917

E-Mail: ftvp25@aol.com


Book a massage with Virginia Yarbrough at the Chattanooga.  Just double click on the hyperlink below.



 Adult Assisted Living Villa

Sharon Kelly, Owner/Nurse

5410 Lee Avenue
Chattanooga, TN 37410
(423) 822-7673

Sharon's Adult Day Center
2000 Raulston Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404
(423) 698-2611






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