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February 2007
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Congratulations! to new SIB Business Members Rosalyn Hickman of Covenant Keypers; Joyce Holt of The Health Nut; and Stephanie Sinkfield of State Farm Insurance. See them and and other featured businesses showcased on the Sisters In Business website by clicking here, or visit www.sistersinbusiness.net.

Help two sisters go to Kenya to help others as part of Manna Relief missions team. Read more below.

You are invited to "meet and greet" the members, partners, and vendors of Sisters In Business at our "1st Year Anniversary & New Website Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting Ceremony" February 15, 2007. All are invited. Read more below.

HR Professional Seeking Employment.  Read below.

WRCB-TV 3 Trends Features SIB Clients & Owner February 10

Sisters In Business on Channel 3 Trends


Darlene Houston

See Sisters in Business February 10  at 9:30 AM on WRCB-TV 3 Trends .    More

Dorothea Johnson


Watch Sisters In Business Network members Darlene Houston of Darlene's Purse-sonal Collection and Dorothea Johnson of Inner Glow Skin Care Services, along with Sisters In Business owner Tekelia C.
Kelly on the WRCB-TV 3 morning show "Trends", this Saturday, February 10, 2007 at 9:30 AM.


Trends  is Channel 3’s weekly Public Affairs Program.  Sisters In Business will be among the special guests joining Program Host Jamie Hancock to discuss and demonstrate the clients, products, and services of the network.


Thank you Ms. Hancock, and all the great staff of WRCB-TV 3, to include Production Assistant Tosha Patterson, who volunteered for the demonstration of Dorothea Johnson's wonderful facial treatment; Teleprompter Laurie Davis who shared with us her interests in being in business, and Cameraman Marques Greene who cued and captured what turned out to be a wonderful production taping experience.   


Click here to read more about Sisters in Business on WRCB-TV 3 Trends.


 You can catch Trends On 3 each Saturday morning at 9:30 on WRCB-TV 3.


Chattanooga Chamber Officiates SIB  Ribbon Cutting

Press Release for SIB 1st Anniversary & Grand Opening


Sisters in Business

Celebrates Anniversary,Website

Sisters in Business will celebrate its first year anniversary and grand opening of its new website www.sistersinbusiness.net on February 15 at the Development Resource Center (DRC) at 1250 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN ((USA). The celebration will begin at 11:30 a.m. with “Meet & Greet” networking and a mini-trade show or clients' and partners' products and services.

The Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce will conduct the ribbon-cutting as part of the ceremony which begins at 1:30 p.m.. Gold Level Sponsor Woman's Way Journal, and Silver Level Sponsors Henderson Hutcherson & McCullough, Aquarium Foods, and Aladdin Printing & Copying are presenting partners of the occasion; and Walter Johnson and Lew Goss, owners of Aquarium Foods, will be providing hors d’oeuvres for the festivities.

Everyone is invited to join in the celebration and participate in this networking event. “Sisters In Business promotes women-owned, minority, and small businesses, and helps them succeed by offering affordable and easy online and live business solutions that help strengthen
market position and provide a competitive edge,” according to founder and president Tekelia Kelly.

             “The official website name change from sisters-in-business.com to sistersinbusiness.net has resulted in greater internet marketing results and yielded high listings in most search engines,” Kelly says. “This means greater visibility and searchability for network businesses.”  

            Now having developed alliances with other women networking groups in the USA and the United Kingdom, the company is well on its way to bringing into fruition its vision of connecting women in business and their communities locally and worldwide, according to Kelly. 

          “Chattanooga is a top-rated city known for its wonderful attractions and quality of life,” she says.  “Customer-wise, we want to be a virtual gateway to beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee, and the USA.  Business-wise we want to be a ‘connecting flight’ within the USA, and between other ‘women in business’ communities world-wide.”

For more in information about the February 15 event or to advertise at the event, please call Kelly at 423.421.5646 or email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net 

Sisters In Business is a "sisterly" networking firm that connects both established and emerging women in business and their communities, world-wide.  The Sisters In Business eNewsletter is distributed to thousands of readers locally, nationally, and globally.  Thank you for your interest in this publication. 

SIB 2nd Annual Business Women’s Empowerment Expo


Save the Date:

2nd Annual Business Women's Empowerment Expo, June 2007

Featuring Luncheon, Trade Showcase, and Youth Fundraiser.

Applications for Exhibitor Tables are now being accepted.  For more information, contact Tekelia C. Kelly at 423.421.5646 or email sistersinbusiness@comcast.net


Joyce B. Holt, Owner/RN The Health Nut
New Member Breaking News


Breaking News: Joyce Holt, RN & Owner of The Health Nut Joins SIB


Sisters In Business is proud to present new business client Joyce B. Holt, Owner of The Health Nut, located at 5805 Lee Highway, Suite 304, Chattanooga, TN  37421.


Joyce is a veteran Registered Nurse, and also a Natural Health Consultant.  She has been a Registered Nurse for twenty three years; experienced in a variety of specialties including Emergency/Trauma, Flight Nurse, and private practice Cardiology.


Welcome Joyce to the Sisters In Business Worldwide Network. For more information about Joyce Holt and the Health Nut click here for her Business Directory info, or email her at joyce@thehealthnut.us.



Rosalyn Hickman, Exec. Dir. Covenant Keypers
New Member Breaking News

Breaking News:  Rosalyn Hickman, Executive Director of Covenant Keypers, Inc. Joins SIB

Sisters In Business is proud to present new business client Rosalyn Hickman Rosalyn and her husband Gary are founders of Covenant Keypers, Inc.  (A marriage ministry to Christian churches, Christian businesses and today's multicultural community) Rosalyn is also a Christian mentor/counselor to married, single, and divorced women who are seeking the will of God for their lives.

Covenant Keypers invites local churches to celebrate “Marriage Recognition Sunday” on February 11, 2007, by recognizing and honoring married and engaged couples during morning worship service.  For great ideas on how to honor married couples in your local church, please visit Covenant Keypers online at www.covenantkeypers.org.

Welcome, Rosalyn, to the Sisters In Business Network. For more information about Rosalyn Hickman click here, or email hickmans@covenantkeypers.org.


Stephanie Sinkfield, Owner/Agent State Farm Insurance
New Member Breaking News

Breaking News:  Stephanie Sinkfield, Owner/Agent at State Farm Joins SIB

Sisters In Business is proud to present new client Stephanie Sinkfield.

Stephanie is the newest State Farm Owner/Agent in Chattanooga, TN.  She has been with State Farm for 14 years in several capacities.  Her office is located in the Lee Marketplace which is on the corner of East Brainerd Road and Lee Highway.  The Sinkfield Agency offers a variety of products that include Auto, Fire, Life, and Health Insurance.  She also offers comprehensive packages for Small Business Owners to help them protect their business and assets. 

Welcome Stephanie to the Sisters In Business Network. For more information about Stephanie Sinkfield and her State Farm Agency click here, or email her at stephanie.sinkfield.pidi@statefarm.com.




Let Your Voice Be Heard by Beverly Inman-Ebel, TLC CEO
Business Communications Column

Let Your Voice Be Heard, by Beverly Inman-Ebel

Majority women-owned firms have continued to grow at nearly two times the rate of all firms since 1997.  These women-owned firms have also seen growth in employees and sales: the 10.4 million firms owned by women are employing 12.8 million people and generating 1.9 trillion dollars in sales.  We are shaping this economy Sisters.

What will help your company to grow in 2007?  Look in the mirror and you will find your best asset – you!  Get passionate about your business.  No one can sell your products or service quite like you can.  Get the phone ringing by making some calls.

38% of a first impression is formed by the voice, and if you are making contacts over the phone, this percentage is even higher.  What kind of impression does your voice make?  Here are some pointers to help you to make the best impressions:

.        Remember that when we get nervous, we tend to talk faster.  Slow down your rate.  You can help lower your rate when you are speaking over the phone by slowly moving your arm as you speak.  The movement of the larger muscle (your arm) will set the rhythm or rate of your vocal folds.

·         Insert pauses.  A pause is a one-to-three second non-verbalization.  Pauses are particularly helpful after you ask a question.  This gives the person time to think and makes sure you don’t answer your own question.  Pause before you give a complex answer.  It is amazing what your brain can do with the extra three seconds.  When you have made a particular point that you want the listener to think about, is another good time to pause.

·         Lower your pitch when you need to sound more serious.  Women have thinner vocal folds than men.  The thinner fold causes our voices to sound high and excitable.  An easy way to find your correct pitch is to say, “uh-huh” in a relaxed voice.  The “huh” is the pitch that is best for you.  Compare this pitch to the one you use when you are about to complete a sale.

·         Listen to a speaker that you admire.  Notice their speech patterns and strive to emulate them.

·         Record your voice.  The easiest way to do this is to change your outgoing voice message on your phone each day.  If you want to sound excited, speak a little faster and raise your pitch on verbs and adjectives.  If you want to sound sincere, lower the pitch on these words.

Most of all, be yourself – your best self.  Know that you can paint a picture with your voice and that picture can be how your potential customer visualizes your business.

Beverly Inman-Ebel is the CEO of TLC, Talk Listen Communicate, LLC.  She is the former national president of National Association of Women Business Owners and was named the 2004-2006 International Woman Entrepreneur by FCEM.  For further information about Beverly Iman-Ebel click her, or contact bie@talklisten.com.

Choose a Healthy Lifestyles by Dr. Tanya  Horne, MD

Health & Well-Being Column

Staying the Course After the New Year Resolution:

Choosing a Healthier Way of Life This Year by Dr. Tanya Horne, MD


The New Year has just begun and it’s the time of year when we make New Year’s resolutions.   We say we are going to lose weight, exercise more, eat right, get our finances in order and save more.  We often have good intentions and we hit the blocks running.  The department stores put the  workout clothes up front, we buy new workout attire;  join the gym  and set out to improve our overall health and wellbeing by exercising, losing weight and eating right.  All too often after we start, several weeks later, the excitement of the New Year wears off and so does the new habits of eating right and exercising and achieving better health and well-being.

Exercising and eating right cannot be just the latest fad diet in an attempt to lose weight for an upcoming event; it has to become a way a life; something that you incorporate into your daily life.

Physical activity and regular exercise offer many health benefits including decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, reducing cholesterol, decreasing the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to name a few.  Obesity is reaching record numbers in this country.  Current recommendation include exercising at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily.   Incorporating a good diet along with regular exercise is a great way to start the New Year for a new you.  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, limit the amount of red meats and use lean cuts of meat. Eat 1-2 servings of fish a week.  Bake or broil your meats instead of frying. Limit the amount of sweets and sugar in your diet.

The choice is ours. We can continue in our old unhealthy way of life including living a sedentary lifestyle and not exercising on  a regular basis , making bad choices in our diet and making excuses for why we don’t  eat right or why we don’t have time to exercise.  We make choices everyday .  We can choose to pass by the fast food restaurant or make healthier choices from the menu.  Even better we can save money by preparing healthy meals at home.

Make the choice to start today to improve your health and well-being.  Contact your  Family Physician before starting an exercise program. 

Tanya M. Horne, MD is both business executive and entrepreneur. Tanya works in a professional position as a Medical Consultant at Unum Provident  in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She also is an Independent Consultant for Arbonne International. For more information about Tanya Horne and Arbonne International Services click here.  You may also contact her at (423) 313-7065 or tanya@tanyamhorne.com.


Youth In Business Special Feature


Youth In the Business of Doing Ministry

Ashley and Chelsea Mello are two sisters in need of raising six thousand dollars in funds to go on a missions trip to Kenya, Africa. Read more about their story below:

"God has been so faithful in providing for us and preparing us for this trip. We are so excited about this opportunity to love and serve others. Our plane departs February 13th at 2:24pm from Atlanta. We arrive back home three weeks later.
We are part of a team of 12 that is going with an organization called Manna Relief. They provide nutritional supplements to orphans on every continent. They have already reached 42,000 orphans in 300 orphanages in 72 countries.
What do we do?
When we visit the orphanages we will be delivering products and educating the caretakers. The team will have opportunities to play with the children, pass out toys, share Bible stories, and perform skits and puppet songs. We may help paint, or assist in a construction project, or help with administration in an office; any practical ways we can bless the missionaries that we go to serve. Most definitely we will be giving out lots of hugs and smiles!
Thank you so very much for all your help!
His servants,
Chelsea and Ashley Mello"

To support Ashley and Chelsea on their mission to help others, please send your check donations made payable to Ashley Mello (for Manna Relief) to the following address.  Please send as soon as possible, preferably by February 10th.
Ashley (and Chelsea) Mello
7900 1/2 Hale Road
Hixson, TN 37343
For further information about this mission trip call 423.400.4623.


Click here to see more Youth in Business & Ministry Services.


Dorothea Johnson, Valentine Day Special


Valentine Day Special!


Happy Valentine Day from Inner Glow Skin Care Service


Indulge and relax your loved one with a wonderful Valentine Gift box from Inner Glow Skin Care Service, now located at "The Health Nut".


  The Valentine Gift box contains all of the following:

 A 1 hour Full Facial  Gift Card, which includes a deep cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, steam and mild massage on arms, chest and feet. (**Please note that the time to use the Gift certificate can be scheduled at your loved one's convenience.


 A Feather Rose


 Pure and Basic Natural Body lotion, body scrub, or shower gel


 Wuyi Rock Tea Green/peach tea sample


 Lavender Eye Pillow


 Relaxing Oil with a Oil Burner, and candle


 All for just $70.00 dollars.

However, if your loved one really loves massages, opt for the Full Body Facial Valentine Gift Box, which includes everything you see above, but the Body Facial will cover the whole body from the Back to both legs and then include the Full 1 hour Facial, all for $90.00.  This Facial last 1 hour and 20 minutes.  If you decide to have this Facial done, as a Bonus, I will give you the items listed above and you will only pay for the cost of the Body Facial which is $90.00.

 This is a lovely way to say "I love you"  this Valentines Day and you can't beat this offer.

 Call Dorothea Johnson at 423-290-5023 or 553-0750 while  this offer last. 

Inner Glow Skin Care is owned and operated by Dorothea J. Johnson, a certified licensed aesthetician.  Learn more about Inner Glow and Dorothea by clicking here, or visit www.innerglowskincare.com  



 Classifieds, Community News & Events




Employment Wanted

Certified human resources professional seeking a career opportunity in Human Resources Development/Management, Recruiting/Selection, Training & Development, Compensation/Benefits Consultant or Employee and Labor Relations.


For more information about this and other employment ads click the Classifieds .link in the left margin of this newsletter. 

Community News & Events

Click here to see other Community News & Events. 




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Best Wishes! --Tekelia C. Kelly, Publisher


Tekelia Kelly

Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises, LLC

Sisters In Business


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