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Sisters In Business.Net

Networking, Advertising, Marketing, and Empowerment

423.421.5646   sistersinbusiness@comcast.net

"Empowering women in business and the communities they serve"



Tekelia C. Kelly Founder/Owner



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About Us




A premier Business and Consumer Marketing Network, eDirectory, and eNewsletter publication with a #1 Page Ranking in search engines; empowering and promoting small business with affordable advertising, networking, and marketing solutions.  Headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee and serving communities locally and across the USA.

Don't let the name fool you!  We are dedicated to empowering women, men, and youth in business, and the communities they serve.  Our website provides an online business to business, and business to customer network, where people can connect and find the products, services, news, events and resources they need.



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Tekelia C. Kelly, Founder/Owner/Publisher

Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises, LLC

Tekelia Kelly.com


Welcome to Sisters in Business (SIB) and the Sisters In Business Network headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Sisters In Business was established February 2006 by Founder/Owner/Publisher Tekelia C. Kelly.  The Sisters In Business Network is an ONLINE and LIVE community of business Clients, Partners, Advertisers,  and Vendors.


Sisters In Business is dedicated to women in business who have a "heart and soul" for doing business.  In recognition of them, we offer our primary business directory which showcases women-owned businesses.  We also offer companion directories of other businesses as we value relationships and community---it's a 'sister' thing!   Click here to read our Testimonies.


Sisters In Business provides online, onsite, person-to-person, and print business services to support our clients and their businesses.  Our well-read monthly eNewsletters and 24-7/365  Business Web Pages that feature clients and their products and services are just two of the many benefits we offer as part of our network member subscriptions.  Using the internet, worldwide web, email, and personalized customer support, we provide a wide variety of 21st century business information and technology solutions that help network, advertise, market, and empower (NAME) our members...both locally and worldwide.


Please feel free to use our SIB Business Directory.  Learn more about our Business, Personal, Hospitality, and Newsletter services.  Please let us know if you have any special needs or interests, as we love hearing from customers and sharing their information with our service providers.  We will be happy to give you a referral.  Feel free to email us your requests by clicking here.


For more information about Sisters In Business, or to join the network, please click here.  Also, please bookmark our site, tell your family and friends about these 'sisters in business'.  Visit us often, to find a "sister in business" in your community.  




Why Sisters In Business.Net?

Purpose for Businesses

Purpose for Customers

History, Mission, Vision

SIB 'NAME' Strategy

Proverbs 31 Woman






Sisters In Business is a "sisterly" business networking company that promotes its member businesses, their products, and servicesWe are based in the United States and serve communities locally, nationally, and world-wide, using the power of email, the internet, and world-wide-web.  SIB is made up of women-owned businesses (professional, home-based, self-employed, franchise, freelance, hobbyists, ministry) offering a wide range of professional quality products and services.  They value the sisterhood connection, business enterprise, and serving their families and community with excellence.  They provide their services in the marketplace, building partnerships with others in business, knowing that relationships are key to wealth building.


Members who make up the network include women and men owned businesses, corporate and business commerce company partners, vendors, and advertisers.


Sisters In Business helps take women-owned and small businesses to the next level by offering good, affordable, and easy ONLINE and LIVE business promotion solutions.  We purpose to help you strengthen your market position, gain a competitive edge, build business, and increase profits.


Because we know that today consumers are online 24-7, and are using the internet to shop and search for products, services, business locations, and more, we are here to provide established and emerging women in businesses an 'all-in-one' business development solution that also networks, advertises, and markets their business in their local community as well as on the world-wide web.


Simply add your business to the Sisters In Business directory.  You will become apart of our virtual community, and experience the benefits of increased visibility and searchability due to high ranking in the search engines.  Whether you run your business in the USA, the UK, or any other country, you are welcome to join our community.

Sisters In Business 'NAME' strategy Networks, Advertises, Markets, and Empowers its members using its website, newsletters, and media campaigns. We promote our members business brand in the marketplace; and network them with other businesses in the community, to build Business to Business (B2B) relationships. 


To learn more about our network, membership benefits, and how we can introduce and showcase your business on the world-wide via our newsletters and website, please review our Member Site and Business Advertising pages.




Have you ever gone to a new place and had to learn the "lay of the land",  or needed to know where to find a particular product or service; or who did what, and where things were?  Finding services like a hair stylist, esthetician, home cooked meals, makeup rep, spa, fashion boutique; or even a physician, real estate agent, financial advisor, or church was probably essential to your well being and lifestyle.


Sisters In Business is a "sisterly" business networking company that offers many of the above type services.  SIB is made up of a network of women-owned businesses (professional, home-based, self-employed, franchise, freelance, hobbyists, ministry) who offer many types of products and services.  They value sisterhood, business enterprise, and serving their community.  They provide their services in the marketplace, building partnerships with others in business, and knowing that relationships are also key to wealth building.


Sisters In Business promotes businesses in the SIB network and their services for the purpose of helping people enjoy where they live, work, or play.  Whether a tourist, visitor, relocating, or a long-time neighbor; or a business seeking to set-up and serve in the area, SIB connects businesses and customers in the marketplace locally and world-wide, to economically empower the entire community, and spread the great benefits of relationships and networking.




History, Mission, Vision

Sisters In Business (SIB) is a for-profit business established February 14, 2006, founded and owned by Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises, LLC.  Included under the enterprise umbrella is also sister company For Your Information, which provides Education & Information Technology Solutions. 


SIB’s mission is to become the best  business women’s network and consumer service it can be, and be used by communities across the United States of America and world-wide; to serve as a business agency for women-owned businesses, offering professional and affordable networking, advertising, marketing, and empowerment (education and training) solutions; to serve with high integrity the specific business needs, interests, and lifestyles of business women and serve them with excellence one business woman at a time; to promote client businesses through advertising and marketing campaigns, magazine, newsletters, website, radio, TV, and other media; as well as with events such as membership drives, workshops, conferences, and tradeshows.


The Proverbs 31 Woman


Sisters In Business believes that business is more than just about making money, it's also about making a positive difference in someone's life.  That is why they have a "heart and soul for taking care of business"; like a Proverbs 31 Woman, who empowers herself, her home, her business, and her community. 



SIB 'NAME' Strategy

The Sisters In Business NAME Strategy  (Network, Advertise, Market, and Empower) also makes the difference in the Sisters In Business network.  Click here to learn more about our NAME Strategy.  To join SIB click here or call 423.421.5646.


Thank you for supporting women-owned businesses and their partners.



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Sisters In Business.net





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Tekelia C. Kelly, Founder/Owner/Publisher

Tekelia C. Kelly Enterprises















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For Your Information





"The Heart & Soul of Taking Care of Business" Proverbs 31


WELCOME to SISTERSINBUSINESS.NET (SIB) headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Sisters In Business is a business Networking, Advertising, Marketing, and Empowerment (N.A.M.E.) solutions firm, founded by Tekelia C. Kelly in February 2006.

SIB offers a variety of online and off-line business solutions, designed to enhance your market position, give you a competitive edge, and support both you and and the customers you serve.


Sisters In Business is a Business Networking Company that serves:

·    Businesses who need a easy, effective, and economical way to network, advertise, market, and empower their operations (through education and training, both online and off-line; and

·    Customers who need Concierge or Quality of Life Services.  See the services we offer in left-side column. 

 SIB supports businesses and the customers they serve.



Sisters In Business uniquely offers our 'NAME' strategy, which Networks, Advertises, Markets, and Empowers (using education and training).  This helps develop your business and brand your business name.  We then network our clients and cultivate business partnerships, to create great Business to Business (B2B)  opportunities.


SIB also channels business clients to the customer side of our business (B2C) for customers to "Find A Service.   Here we market Business and Personal Concierge Services as well as many other consumer-based services.  This also makes for an attractive venue for our advertisers.

Sisters In Business serves primarily women entrepreneurs, but is open to any person who has an established business, work in business, interest in being in business, or is a business  that wishes to partner with us.   Special attention is given to women, minority businesses, and community--rooted businesses.  Our partners are carefully considered and chosen to assure

SIB networks subscribing clientele using strategic marketing and advertising campaigns. We build relationships between our members, advertisers, sponsors, other business owners, supporters, and customers. SIB works to promote and prosper  women-owned businesses, particularly small and up-and-coming businesses.  Our purpose is to build the business owner, her business,  and the community at large.  We also serve to develop youth and business at-large.

Sisters In Business was created to promote member-businesses, while serving Chattanooga customers with the highest degree of  integrity, best-in-class products, and professional services.  Our goal is to build wealth and sustainability within our network and the Chattanooga community, similar to that of the " Proverbs 31 Woman", which is the business model for our firm.

On this site you can  enjoy shopping online, marketing your business, advertising your products & services, studying business development information, or seeing who participates in bartering. You may also wish to join-us, find a job, attain  information, or just see what's going on in the community.  Thank you so much for dropping by, and please come by often!!  Also, check out our SISTER-OF-THE MONTH TRIBUTES, BUSINESS & JOB OPPORTUNITIES, CALENDAR OF EVENTS, GIRLFRIEND GROUPS, SIB BUSINESS DIRECTORY, SIBAY SHOWCASE SPECIALS, and more!


Mission Statement & Creed

sistersinbusiness.net is a woman-owned business solutions firm that offers the best of traditional on-location business networking and state-of-the-art online business solution; along with aggressive marketing and advertising strategies, and business development support services.   

SIB’s purpose is to develop  women-owned businesses, particularly small and micro businesses, in trade and service, by generating traditional and online E*Commerce business markets between other businesses,  advertisers, sponsors, customers, supporters, and the community;

SIBs purpose is to help its members build wealth, progress and prosper in their businesses, as well as within  and along with their communities, and ultimately the business economy at-large;

SIB helps its clients effectively and economically “NAME” their business...by offering a unique combination of N.A.M.E (Networking, Advertising, Marketing, and Empowerment through Education and Training) solutions. We network clients businesses; and cultivate relationships with business partners in the community to offer great Business to Business (B2B) opportunities. We then channel our clients businesses to our customer side (B2C) for customers who are in the market for Business and Personal Concierge Services, as well as many other consumer-based services. 

SIB’s objectives are as follows:

 to network, market, and empower the woman entrepreneur by promoting her creative and innovative genius, business, products and service, through aggressive business marketing and advertising campaigns, leveraging all business organization memberships and relationships.

to stage and present member products and services in an dynamically appealing fashion,

to strengthen sisters' opportunities to sell and do business both in traditional in-store/shop/office business settings, as well as interactively online both serving customers locally and world-wide.

to provide business education, training, and information resources which help to keep fellow-sisters abreast of each others’ businesses, and provide vital business information such as business service requests, job bids, project/contract opportunities, and community developments, enabling her to compete more equitably in the business marketplace;

to mentor, encourage, build up; to help in the development and mentoring of sisters, considered as women and girls, of every race, creed, color, origin, culture and on every level (personally, economically, and spiritually); and to develop youth for readiness in the business world as employees or entrepreneurs.

to build sisterhood as a part of building neighborhoods and the community, and as a part of the Great Commission to love, minister, and do good. 

SIB operates with “the heart and soul of doing business”, pledging to see that “no sister is left behind”.  It recognizes, appreciates, and celebrates the very honorable legacy and livelihood of African-American women entrepreneurs of the past, as well as all women entrepreneurs then, now, and tomorrow. 

SIB caters to the smaller small business, having grass roots beginnings, born out of necessity, or born out of will.  SIB is dedicated to seeing that businesses grow-up and develop into Big Sisters who own Big Companies.

Our purpose is to promote and prosper the smaller, up-and-coming women-owned business.   To premier their business, and perpetuate their entrepreneurship and enterprise in the business marketplace and  community at large.

On February 12, SIB website was launched with a myriad of online business commerce solutions.  On February 23, 2006 sistersinbusiness.net opened its doors to the public for business with it first kick membership meeting.  On March 6 SIB launched its online membership application and payment solution; and received its first online payment via PayPal from customer Forestine Watson-Haynes.  On March 8, 2006, SIB acquired new domain website SistersInBusiness.Net targeted visitors, tourists, and customers; and to  expand network across Tennesesee region to reach more of both the local and global marketplace. 


“The Heart & Soul of Doing Business…No Sister Left Behind”



The month of February 2006, we celebrated Black History and the Grand Opening of the "sistersinbusiness.net NETWORK, we would like to pay tribute the "legacy and livelihood" of African-American Women Business Owners; and the contributions they have made to sisterhood and society as a whole.

"Celebrating the Legacy & Livelihood of African-American Women Business Owners, and Sisters everywhere!  (...and Brothers everywhere, too!)



Our Mission

To empower Women Small Business Owners to achieve socio-economic success for themselves and their community.  To provide savvy business marketing strategies, information resources, and customer/business networks to meet their business and personal needs..  To forge a network of both businesses and customers for each sister business to leverage and greatly benefit from. To heighten the quality service offered to their customers.

Contact Information


Postal address
P. O. Box 25548 Chattanooga, TN 37422-5548
Electronic mail
General Information: sistersinbusiness@comcast.net
Customer Support:
Send mail to sistersinbusiness@comcast.net with questions or comments about this web site
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